About the artists' book

Amppasang: a typographical hominid, lives in forgotten books.

Boltepento: jewelry made from 1950s bottle openers.

Cmapsis:  maps made on cabbage leaves by gremlins.

Dentidangos: dances created by dental floss.

Elkevolkeplatte: a Neolithic ceramic style found at prehistoric garage sales-depicting an elk type creature.

Forkmares: to have bad but colourful dreams about plastic forks.

Garsley:  situation whereby gurning faces appear in parsley

Hisengallipede: the mythical horse belonging to HIgbar the Hindefatigable, said to be Hinvisible except to his descendants.

Illiblibs: small islands constructed of almost invisible plant forms.

Jajanska: a deity which dwells within marmalade jars.

Killiklacket: makes vile squawking noises & subsists on hens’ droppings.

Lamolendricals: the auras created by singing windmills.

Mugrouse: carpet fibres resembling the occasional flattened mouse.

Neddahinge: the ability to see bushrangers hiding in hinges. Or a hinge wherein a bushranger could dwell.

Offalidon:  lifeform resembling squashed offal, and shaped like orange segments.

Plingyplingy: a spirit which lives in old electrical plugs, southern UK only.

Quiffle: a small nocturnal rodent type creature, made of quills, and almost entirely two dimensional.

Rasproofing: architectural style whereby raspberries are used for roof-tiles.

Stringlestraw: an unreasonable knot of fibres in elderly sewing baskets. Not always curable.

Tuscadont: ossified material from an ancient bovine thing.

Ullulungal: the (hootfprint) of a rare howling ungulate which lurks under derelict bridges.

Vestilitis: the need to wear badly designed vests, for which there may be no reasonable cure.

Waxsawtal: a hyena type creature found roaming archaeological sites at night.

Xaclinky: a medieval tool for cleaning up the edges of old nautical rope.

Yeranthia: the goddess of waiting calmly at bus stops during snowstorms.

Zaquarellina: the spirit of squabbling ungraciously, as seen on a ceramic shard.